GB7RA New Site

Pleased to announce that GB7RA has now moved to the new site.

The new location offers much better coverage of the WIrral in all directions.

GB7RA in new rack
The new antenna and mast

4 thoughts on “GB7RA New Site”

  1. Good morning! As a new owner of a FT3D I took an early bike ride through Parkgate, Neston and up to Willaston then back to Gayton this morning. Tried to access WiresX via GB7RA at several spots, but no response and no CW ident heard throughout either (not sure if one is set). Possible user error on my behalf! Is the System Fusion online at the moment? As an owner of a (currently) analogue WiresX node in Gayton via an HRI-200 unit, I’m keen to find more access points whilst out and about on the Wirral. Would be good to try and work GB7RA soon!

    1. Hi, sorry just seen this. You need to issue a brief PTT on Fusion to tell the repeater to enter YSF mode.
      It’s all working for both modes it’s just that YSF needs this to move the repeater mode.

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