Welcome to the Wirral MMDVM Repeater

Welcome to the Wirral MMDVM Repeater.

This repeater supports users of DStar, DMR & Yaesu Fusion radios. It will allow you to connect using your preferred digital voice (DV) mode. If you use a particular mode please follow the rules of etiquette for that mode, but most of all enjoy using the repeater.

The repeater is a Yaesu DR1X in remote mode with a Raspberry Pi 3b running Pi-Star.

The repeater is run by myself, Rob (M0ORA) with support from Matt (M0MVR). There is no uptime guarantee, however if the repeater is down please email GB7RA.repeater@gmail.com and we’ll look into it. Please don’t direct any emails regarding this repeater to any other email address.

With the exception of WADARC club members all help with getting your radio connected should be sought from one of the many Facebook groups out there, however I will look to publish a brief howto guide at some point.

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