Update on GB7RA

** Update on the repeater **

GB7RA is now back on air – it was off air for about 6 weeks owing to an issue where the bench supply to the repeater went faulty which in turn caused an overvolt situation which took out most of the repeater – none of which was a fault on the repeater but the external PSU from another brand…this happened only a few days after the UK went into lockdown due to Covid-19.

I contacted Yaesu UK who have been nothing short of amazing during this whole situation. The repeater was returned to them for repair once Covid restrictions eased a little. Unfortunately the repeater was non-serviceable but again Yaesu UK dealt with this issue and have swapped out the repeater for a replacement model.

The turnaround time from them to receiving the repeater to it being back on air has been two weeks.

I really value this kind of service from companies which is why I’ve put this section up about it. It’s really good to see just how well they are supporting the amateur radio community even under extreme circumstances.

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