DStar User Guide

I’ve had a few requests for help on getting started on DStar so I’ve put an article up here to hopefully get you going and give you a base understanding for DStar.

I’m going to try and update this page with guides for as many radios as possible so please check back at this page as it could have been updated.

One thought on “DStar User Guide”

  1. Good morning Rob,
    ICOM put their icf file in the settings folder of a blank SD card. I was expecting it back totally programmed. I have programmed it and updated, but I am not having any luck getting into DStar.
    We are going away this Friday and if I emailed you copies of the SD card and IC 5100 would you please check them over?

    The problem I had has been this ID 5100 was a demo / training/ and workshop monitor .I gave it a full reset to clear out the rubbish.

    I noticed in the “setting up” you have GB7RA B as 2 mtrs Not 70 cms. Just needs swopping with “A”.

    73s Graeme G0KQS

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